“Please Save Us”: Afghans Scream for Help After Tragic Terrorism

 A traumatizing day of August 15, 2021, will forever be engraved at the heart of many Afghans after the Taliban took over their home, Kabul, and re-dominated the country after almost 20 years. Hundreds of thousands of people had run away, frightened that there will be a possible return to the brutal rules of the 1990s, where women are not authorized to even go to school or work. People are converged around the airport north of the capital yearning to get a flight out of the country.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

            People have been trampled on to death on the runway as they run for their lives just to board the moving airplane out of desperation to get out of Kabul. Images of a family passing a child over a wall to a soldier, and of men hanging onto the side of the military aircraft as it was about to take off, was circulating the internet had shattered the hearts of many. High-ranking Afghan officials, who were the first to flee the country along with their huge amount of cash, are what gave rise to the resentment anger of the citizens towards the government, and that’s when people became eager to get out of the country.

Dual Nationals Exit Kabul

            Remarkable progress has been made between the U.S and Afghanistan’s new rulers as Qatar Airways flew from Kabul Airport to Doha carrying dual nationals and passport holders from Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, and Germany on board. On the other hand, a charter plane at another airport has left thousands of Afghans stuck in Kabul.

            According to an article on Arkansas Online, “The Taliban has been cooperative in facilitating the departure of American citizens and lawful permanent residents on charter flights”. The airport is now known as Kabul International Airport and the Taliban guaranteed that once everything is settled, Afghans with complete travel requirements, passports, and visas will be allowed to leave the country.

Is Having a Second Passport a Commodity?

            The obstacles brought about by these tragic happenings accentuated the value of having an alternative plan to establish safety and security even in the face of uncertainty. CBI equips people to secure themselves from unanticipated challenges, especially during an emergency.