Inauguration of the Pre-approval Stage for CBI in North Macedonia

From culture, history, and breathtaking sceneries, the Republic of North Macedonia has it all. At the crossroads of retrofitting and a colossal aptitude for growth, citizenship by investment was introduced to venture capitalists and global talents last March 2021.

All About CBI

            The program will require applicants to donate €200,000 to a government fund in return for citizenship and a North Macedonian passport. Furthermore, additional government endowment, background checks, application, and processing fees will be required. Like some various CBI programs, the interval from submission to approval will take roughly about 3-4 months. Main applicants will be able to include their spouse and children up to the age of 18 years old. The program will also have a yearly application quota, allowing just 1,000 applicants to be approved each year. The investment will accredit the investors and their families to apply for a lifetime North Macedonian citizenship and passport, which will then be passed onto a future generation.

The Pre-approval Stage

            This step begins after the applicant successfully passed the background and due diligence check, preceding the settlement of the principal sum and the formal proffering of the application. Nevertheless, apart from any unanticipated details about the applicant that may arise temporarily in the middle of granting the pre-approval and his/her finalization of the steps submission of the application forms, rendering of biometric data, and paying the €200,000, the pre-approved applicant is already secured.

Applicant’s Ratification

            A precise and straightforward proclamation or press convention from the government validating the approved applicants would be the concluding step to finally settling down all the uncertainty and skepticism felt by the applicants.