IRC Invest CEO, Karl Haddad: A Brilliant Liaison to a New CIP Launching the Next Months

Honored to serve as the primary advisor to a new CIP that will launch in the coming months, IRC Invest’s CEO, Karl Haddad’s sole objective is to fully achieve the program’s potential by assuring a high-quality legal framework, intermediaries, value chain, and overall ecosystem with solid foundations.

Karl’s main issue right now is government corruption in most CIP programs in some shape or form. As a citizen of Cyprus, he believes his government is intellectually deficient. They lack discipline, are corrupt and incompetent, and have an uncanny ability to take everything nice they have and smash it against a wall. This was demonstrated by the events that led to the FDI record- breaking Cyprus CIP’s downfall.

Despite his misgivings, Karl advises the five governments and is excited to launch a new program in the coming months. Add in his day-to-day responsibilities for all of the current CIPs. Even as workaholics, this will undoubtedly overwhelm all of their capacities.

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