Cyprus (EU) Citizenship Program


Getting more expensive…


IRC Invest is proud to be the first to report this fundamental and important change to the Cyprus Citizenship Program. The EU nation is the Rolls Royce of citizenship programs and is about to increase the investment and due diligence requirements to acquire it.

The current requirement is a minimum investment into real estate of €2million and the property must be held for 3 years.

The program will cost €500,000 more, will have to be held for 5 years AND a donation/contribution of €150,000 will be supplementary to the investment. Only the timeline remains the same: 6-8months to citizenship.
The new total will be €2.65million. 




Cyprus has to date made 3300 individual applications totaling an astonishing $9Billion… One half of all citizenship by investment revenue generated in the industry’s 7 competing programs, during their 35years in existence. Yet Cyprus is only a 7-year-old program.

Invest now and become a European Union Citizen, and save €650,000 as the new law will possibly take 2 months to come into effect and be implemented.




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