Curacao’s Updated Investor Permit Program: Paving the Way for Dutch Citizenship

Curacao’s government is relaunching its Investor Permit Program, which is a Caribbean independent republic under the Kingdom of the Netherlands. With the support of private actors, the CIPP, which was first introduced in 2014, is getting a revamp and additional investment choices. Domestic concerns are mostly in the hands of Curacao’s local government, while defense and foreign relations are in the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. Curacaoans are Dutch nationals and, by extension, EU citizens, with all the rights it entails.

The CIBB’s qualification requirements are as follows:

Potential participants can choose between three investment alternatives, each with its own set of residency requirements:

  • A 3-year renewable residence permit is available for a minimum expenditure of 280,000 USD
  • A 5-year renewable residence permit is available for a minimum expenditure of 425,000 USD
  • An immediate, permanent residency permit for a minimum expenditure of 850,000 USD

Among the sorts of qualified investments are, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase of real estate
  • Business venture
  • Securities sold on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX)

European Golden Visa in the Caribbean

When you get an investor visa, you get the same movement and settlement rights as everyone else in the Netherlands. This means that you can stay in the Netherlands for as long as you like with your residence permit. As a result, the Curacao investment permit is compared to the European concept of a golden visa. After five years of having your temporary residence status and making the required investment, you can apply for EU citizenship.

Residents permit holders in one territory practically have rights of mobility and settlement throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands due to Curacao’s unique relationship with the Netherlands. In effect, this means that investors who receive a Curacao residency permit are also allowed to spend as much time as they like in the Netherlands. As a result, the CIPP is practically an EU golden visa that provides a five-year path to EU citizenship.

Why should you apply for a Curacao Investor Permit?

Curacao is a country that has a developed financial sector, lovely tropical weather, a strong legal system, and a great airlift. The third most powerful passport in terms of visa-free travel is the Dutch passport, which can be obtained after the required “residence period” has been completed and no facts have surfaced that would prevent such an issue.