Kenya’s Blue Economy: Making Ocean Resources Sustainable


Invited by the presidential family, Valentina Elsayed & Karl Haddad, Directors of IRC Invest, were privileged to sit amongst world leaders attending the 1st Global Blue Economy Initiative. Karl Haddad, CEO of IRC Invest, is a CSR Global Champion and sits on numerous boards of charities and initiatives.

From November 26 to 28, participants from over 150 countries from around the world gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to attend the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference.

Protecting the world’s oceans by creating a sustainable water economy was the focus for thousands of entrepreneurs and environmental experts meeting in Kenya.

The so-called “Blue Economy” is valued at six trillion dollars.

At the end of the three-day conference, heads of government and agencies committed to put in place policies to build a sustainable blue economy.

Participants at the conference learnt how to build a blue economy that harnesses the potential of the world’s oceans and waterbodies in order to improve the lives of all.

The forum held talks over connecting potential oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers to help raise the living standards of people who depend on these natural oceans and lakes for their livelihood. The forum attracted more than 17, 000 delegates as Kenya hosts United Nations Oceans Conference in 2020.

Article by Valentina Elsayed