Your Passport in Your Hands in as Little as 5 Months !

ST. Kitts & Nevis Passport For Free

Acquire your 2nd Nationality by Investing in Real Estate. The Total Investment is Recovered Over 7 Years.



The Hotel Investment Opportunity:

• Operational since 2017
• One of only two 5* Resorts on the Island
• Ranked 1st on TripAdvisor
• Government Approved Project
• Instant VIP status at the Global Hotel Chain with 600 hotels worldwide
• Complimentary stay for up to 7 days a year

The Financials:

• Approx. ROI of 3-6% per annum
• Approx. Capital Appreciation 30% on Purchase Price
• Investment re-sellable after 7 years
• Net Passport/Investment Cost: Close to zero.

ST Kitts & Nevis Fast Track Citizenship:

  1. 151 Countries Visa Free (EU & UK included)
  2. No need to Reside in St.Kitts
  3. No need to Visit
  4. Obtained Legally in 5-6 months
  5. No Taxes on Global Income
  6. Global Passport Rank: 24th



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